DDSE “Dutch Drive Service Europe” stands for service and quality.

You have the feeling that the customer is really king.

We are a young and dynamic company in the field of passenger transport.

Through years of experience we understand the business well and that is reflected in our appearance. Our car is always clean and we are dressed in a suit and tie.

We speak English and German, and Dutch.

Naturally we are trained according to the standard taxi regulations. We are also trained as a professional chauffeur and examined at the CBR CCV-D1. Therefore we work at a high level and the customers know that they have to do with an professional driver. We have experience- and are specialized in transporting people, i.e. the top of the business, government and VIPs.

We also provide transportation for weddings, parties or special occasions. We also have an excellent airport service, both business and private. Because we work with a group selected drivers from the same level, we can offer all kinds of transport services, whether you need 1 single car, a 9-seater minibus or you have 11 cars and / or vans needed, we provide it for you. At all times professionalism and privacy is garanteed. For all cases, a quotation not obligate you to anything and if you have questions, feel free to ask. That is the service of DDSE.

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